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7 Easy Ways To Migrate To Canada

Canada is an amazing country with amazing opportunities and migrating is not as tough as people think. But, only if you know the easy ways. Would you like to know the easiest ways to migrate to Canada? If you are current, you should know that the country, Canada has currently ranked as the #1 country in the world with the best quality of life by a recent survey in the US News & World Report.

Tons of people migrate to Canada every year in search of a better life. The ready availability of jobs in Canada is also another factor that is attracting people to immigrate to Canada.

If you have always wanted to relocate to Canada but don’t know how to, follow this article carefully cos it will educate you big time. The easiest ways to migrate to Canada will be discussed and we’ll show you exactly how to move.

This article features 7 easy ways you can migrate to Canada. Make sure you read to the end.

Study Permit

If you’re looking for some of the best schools in the world, you can find them in Canada. People travel to Canada to get a quality education. You can use this option to migrate to Canada. Usually, you’d be given a study Visa to come to study in Canada but most times, you’ll be required to live and work in Canada while studying.

If you can get a long-term permanent job, it’ll help you apply for your permanent residency (PR) after your program.

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Spousal Sponsorship

It’s also a legal way to travel to Canada. In this case, you’re going to move by marrying someone with Canadian citizenship. A lot of people are making the most of this migration choice. However, whether you’re caught falsifying it or say otherwise to fake it, the penalties are harsh.

Usually, Canadian Immigration will take a good look at you and your wife for 2 full years before signing a marriage certificate.

The requirements are very clear. You can marry your partner in your country of citizenship or in any other country other than Canada and then obtain an overseas sponsorship.

You can also travel to Canada with a visitor Visa, then tie the knot there and then request for inland sponsorship.

Trade Agreements

If you work with a company that has an arm in Canada or your company has a contract with a Canadian company, you can simply request a transfer to a branch in Canada. It is that easy but of course, there must be a link between your company and Canada or a Canadian company.

Trade agreements between Canada and some other countries allow for intra-company transfers, but you have to be from some countries such as Chile, Jordan, Peru, Colombia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States of America, Iceland, Norway, Israel, or Panama to be able to take advantage of this option.

You can apply for permanent residence after working in Canada for 12 months. If you’re in a position as this then this is your best shot to migrate to Canada.

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Secure A Job With Work Permit

Another easy way of migrating to Canada is by securing a job in a Canadian company using a work permit.

This option is best for those who may not qualify for an intra-company transfer or those whose countries are not supported by the Trade agreement. (But this option is also a tricky one. For this option to work, you will need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA). An LMIA states that no qualified Canadian is available to take the role you want to fill for).

International Experience Canada (IEC)

International Experience Canada (IEC) provides youth with the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. Young people between the ages of 18 – 35 years are allowed to work during holiday vacations in Canada but with an Open Work Permit.

This category is for you if:

  • Don’t have a job offer yet
  • Want to work for more than one employer in Canada
  • You want to work in more than one location
  • You’d like to earn some money so that you can travel

Australia, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Taiwan, Austria, Estonia, South Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, France, Latvia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Chile, Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Mexico, Spain, Croatia, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, New Zealand, and Switzerland are all participating countries. For a few of them, eligibility expires at age 29 or 30.

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You can use the work experience gathered during a working holiday to apply for permanent residence through the CEC, a federal skilled worker of trades program, or a particular province’s skilled worker and semi-skilled worker program.

Visitor Visa

Another way you can travel to Canada is by entering Canada with a Visa Visitor. You can’t get a career with this kind of Visa, or you can’t even get a job. You will, however, network and talk with people in your business. You can’t claim that you’re going to Canada to look for a career when asked by an immigration officer at the boundary of your destination to Canada, you’re sure to have to lie about that. After all, you’re here to visit Canada and enjoy your holiday.

Have fun; meet people and have a good time in Canada when networking and engaging with people. Some people can give you a job to come back to Canada after your stay has expired.

Start A Business

Another way you can come to Canada is to start a business in Canada. Canada is recruiting entrepreneurs to start businesses that create jobs for Canadians and can compete on a global scale.

So if you have the money to start a company in Canada, this could be the best way to travel to Canada. Canada has a really strong business-friendly atmosphere to set up a business.

This is a comprehensive roadmap to fast migration to Canada. Follow these steps and you’re sure to succeed in your quest to migrate to Canada.



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