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How To Migrate To Canada

Canada today can be described as the land flowing with milk and honey because of the great advancements, rapid economic growth and the security it offers to both its citizens and immigrants.

In so many ways, the Canadian government has created platforms, programs and policies that are really advantageous to anyone within the country.

With all the enticing and awesome things in circulation about Canada, so many people seeking greener pasture abroad have Canada as their topmost choice.

Hence the question, How to migrate to Canada is a very common question and this post will simplify and clear all your doubts about migrating to Canada.

If you really want to migrate to Canada, keep reading till the end.

Some of the reasons that makes Canada a wonderful country to visit are;

Most workers and citizens of Canada enjoy really short working hours. With this they can easily balance other aspects of their lives.
New mothers enjoy paid maternity leave, imagine spending several weeks(from 20 – 50 weeks) of maternity leave and still get paid by Canada’s Employment Insurance(EI).
Living in Canada is without doubt fun filled, the diversity in culture and the warm reception given to immigrants makes the transition really easy.
Canada is indeed the country you want to move to.

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All the listed things above and more are all you get when you finally move to Canada.

If you plan to move to Canada and remain permanently, you will need to consider choosing either of the options below;

Express Entry: In the entry system qualified immigrants are sent an invitation by the Canadian government to apply for a Canada visa.This is achieved using three economic class immigration programs.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Candidates are assessed based on multiple factors including their age, work experience, education and language proficiency in English. They are usually scored based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The highest ranked candidates in the Express Entry pool which takes place every two weeks are periodically issued invitations to apply for a permanent residence visa.

Many provinces or territories in Canada select qualified candidates who are eligible to satisfy the labour needs in their province.

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Selected candidates are nominated by the province to apply for a provincial nomination for permanent residence, through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Nominated individuals receive an additional 600 CRS points, practically guaranteeing an invitation to apply for permanent residence in a subsequent Express Entry draw.

Pathway to Citizenship after migrating to Canada using the permanent resident pathway, you become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship after living in Canada for 3 years.

As an international student: With this option you need to get a student visa or permit.

The permit allows you to study in Canada as an international student.

Working as a student is very much possible if there is a need to get experience and earn while schooling.

The experience gathered( Canadian Work Experience)while working as a student qualifies you to apply for Canadian work permit or permanent resident upon graduation.

About 85 percent of permanent residents eventually become Canadian citizens and they get to enjoy the connections plus advantages associated with being a Canadian citizen.

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As An Investor or Entrepreneur: If you have the resources to start up a business or establish an idea or even invest into the many Canadian government establishments within the country.

This kind of involvement impacts the Canada economy and helps in its growth.

An investor if given a visa gets to bring his family over with time.

It’s now clear to you that migrating to Canada has become really easy and the question,how do I migrate to Canada answered.

Canada can’t wait to have you contribute to the growth of its economy, follow any of the listed ways and get started on that journey.


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