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KAAD Scholarship Program in Germany 2023/2024

KAAD Scholarship Program is a great opportunity for students who need sponsorship to embark on a Masters or PhD Studies in Germany. The Catholic Academic Exchange Service is making some scholarships available to students from Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America. If you desire to get a master’s degree, a PhD, or do post-doctoral researches project at a university in Germany, prepare your application materials and apply as soon as possible.

KAAD is working together with some regions to make scholarship opportunities available to citizens who are interested in research. There are some Board of Partners in these countries, and applications are channeled through these bodies. Submissions from other countries can be considered only in extraordinary cases.

Offered annually: Yes

Country: Germany

Study Level: Master’s, PhD

Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD) – About

KAAD – The Catholic Academic Exchange Service is the award institution of the German Catholic Church for post-graduate students and scientists from (developing) nations in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Near and Middle East, as well as Eastern and Southeastern Europe. KAAD offers support to scholars in form of scholarships and educational programs. It also provide spiritual and personal assistance.

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Field of Study that is Available: No precise area of preference. Though, the selection board has often express preference to fields and courses that they thought to be of importance to the home country of the Student. This is exactly not untrue precisely for areas of PhD-theses. There is actually a definite inclination towards “growth oriented” studies – this does not actually imply that other fields (cultural, philosophic, linguistic, etc.) cannot be of importance for a nation, and are ruled out.

KAAD Scholarship Program – Eligibility

To qualify for KAAD Scholarship Program, students must satisfy the prerequisites listed below:

  • Interested students should hail from a developing or emerging nation in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America and they should be living there currently.
  • Interested candidates should have a university degree and professional experience from their home country.
  • Interested candidates should desire to get a master’s degree or a PhD at a university in Germany or do a post-doctoral research project (2-6 months for established university lecturers) at a university in Germany.
  • Candidate is a Catholic Christian (or belongs to a general a part of a Christian denomination).
  • Students from other religions can apply if they are endorsed by Catholic partners, and can corroborate their obligation to interreligious dialogue.
  • They should have German language skills before starting the studies (KAAD can offer a language course for 6 months max, in Germany).
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Supplementary Prerequisites

  • Interested candidates should have above-average performance in studies and research.
  • The orientation of the candidate’s studies or research for permanent reintegration in their home region (or else the scholarship is switched into a loan).
  • Religious and social obligation (activities), and disposition to inter-religious dialogue.

Application Deadline: Not specified

KAAD Scholarship Program – Benefits

  • Students who are offered sponsorship are supported by KAAD with their Visa-modalities, paid for the flights to Germany and back, with language training in Germany before their studies, etc.

KAAD Scholarship Program – How to Apply

To apply for KAAD Scholarship Program, interested candidates should follow the steps below:

  • Interested and eligible candidates should visit Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD) on www.kaad-application.de to apply.
  • Apply for the KAAD Masters and PhD Scholarship
  • Interested and qualified applicants can go ahead to the online application portal to fill and submit their applications.
  • Helpful: The program is partnering with countries in various region. There are some Board of Partners in these regions and applications are channeled through them. Submissions from other countries can be considered only in exceptional cases.
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For further details about KAAD Scholarship Program, visit the official website.

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