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American Concrete Institute Scholarship in USA 2023/2024

American Concrete Institute Scholarship is pleased to present undergraduate or postgraduate fellowships to international students in the field of structural design, construction, and materials. The program offers opportunities to both students and E-Members. American Concrete Institute Scholarship are granted yearly to help students with concrete interest to accomplish their academic and career goals.

The scholars must be considered a full-time undergraduate or graduate scholar as categorized by the college or university during the award year. Submissions will be acknowledged from anywhere in the world, but study must occur in the United States or Canada during the award period.

American Concrete Institute – About

The ACI Foundation is a not-for profit organization founded by the American Concrete Institute to uphold advancement, innovation, and partnership by supporting research and scholarships. ACI Foundation is an accelerative, forward-thinking with a combined focus which offers opportunities to  individuals who are zealous about their work and legacy. It offers a platform to contribute to the future through expertise, experience, and donations as the organization identifies trends, opportunities, and needs, and takes an active role in supporting the future generation of leaders in the concrete industry.

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The program has a formal Memoranda of Agreements with six associates to offer collaborative opportunities for funding and tactical initiatives. The 7 associates have established the Concrete Research Network to facilitate this cooperative effort. To get more details about the, Concrete Research Council (CRN), and how ACI partakes in the CRN, go through the Concrete International article.

American Concrete Institute Scholarship – Summary

  • Award Type: Postgraduate
  • Awarding Organization: American Concrete Institute
  • Country: Canada, United States
  • Course to Study: Not specified
  • Eligible Gender: Men , Women
  • Application Deadline: November 2nd, 2023

American Concrete Institute Scholarship – Aim and Benefits

Beneficiaries of American Concrete Institute Scholarship will be offered the benefits below:

  • Recipients will not be given  more than one scholarship all through the entire course of their studies.
  • They will be given $5,000 educational allowance for tuition, residence, books, and materials.
  • Proper recognition in Concrete International magazine, and on the Foundation website.

Eligibility for American Concrete Institute Scholarship

  1. Just one online application form will be needed for all the fellowships and scholarships. Answer some qualifying questions filling out a form that will instantly display the fellowships and scholarships that you are eligible for. Prior to commencing the application, get answers ready for the questions below:
    • Have you ever be a beneficiary of  a scholarship or fellowship award from the foundation?
    • At the period of submitting the application, what is your present academic level (Undergraduate,  Master’s, or PhD)?
    • At the time the award cycle starts in Fall 2023, what will be your academic level (Undergraduate, Master’s, or PhD)?
    • Fellowship candidates: when selected, can you be present at an interview in person at the spring ACI Concrete Convention on March 27th, 2023? Registration for travel and arrangements for hotel will be done and covered by the ACI Foundation. All travel will be dependent on country and state restrictions at that period. If in-person interviews cannot take place, the interview will be a virtual one.
    • For fellowships with mandatory internships: Can you carry out a 10- to 12-week internship during the summer of 2023?
  2. To qualify for an award, applicants must be a full-time student for the whole award/school term (fall semester 2023 through spring semester 2024).
  3. Selection Criteria: The Scholarship Council of the ACI Foundation will select scholarship and fellowship beneficiaries who appear to have the best combination of interest and prospective for professional success in the concrete industry.
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How to Apply for American Concrete Institute Scholarship

  • The application for the 2023-2024 is ongoing.
  • You should start by reviewing the prerequisites.
  • After you have gone through the requirements, select the link below to begin your application.

To inquire further about American Concrete Institute Scholarship, please visit the official website. 

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